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    We choose carefully, all the products are sold in the local stores in Canada and the product producing countries

    Founded in 2009, the MapleVille group is a Canadian registered company located in the West Bank city of Vancouver, canada. Advocating Canada's concept of safe and healthy diet,
    Respected industry strict food standards, to promote Canadian food quality and safety culture, committed to the Chinese thousands of households at home, enjoy the pure blue sky, clear water, Canada grassland, fresh air and good agricultural and sideline products.
    Its subsidiaries include ice wine, red wine, agricultural and sideline products, trade and import and export, consultancy and service, and offices and distributors throughout the provinces and cities of Canada and china.
    In the increasingly clear food security today, our idea is very simple, that is, hope that their families and friends in China, and your family and friends in China, eat at ease.
    Also hope that we can build a bridge of trust, to provide a platform for cooperation and entrepreneurship.

    MapleVille, strict selection of natural for you

    We choose carefully,The products are sold in the local stores in Canada and the product producing countries.
    Refused to "Chinese special" and "foreign trademark Chinese production",you and your friends and relatives, like Canada local residents, enjoy the real natural, healthy food.

    Company News

    Enjoying safe food is a basic right

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    We hope to be a carrier for quality products. We will supply direct mail to China directly from the group's import and Export Corporation, which will ensure your safety and deliver it to you on time.

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